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I'm a bit of a conundrum. Life threw me plenty of curve balls for the first [mumble, mumble, mumble] decades I was around. So many that some say I should be a pile of soggy mess pooling on the ground. And as far as giftedness goes, I'm one of those who should be babbling into my morning cereal for all the encouragement my intellect got in its formative years. Yet, here I am [somewhat] sane and understandable after a potentially debilitating false start in adulthood. I have a handsome, talented, loving spouse and two beautiful gifted children -- one highly/profoundly gifted (Kid One) and the other likely equally highly/profoundly gifted for all her twice exceptional challenges (Kid Two). I had two pretty awesome careers and now I have a third, homeschooling my two great (and challenging) kidlets and spending my spare time making myself a royal pain in the side for all those not savvy enough to recognize gifted advocacy when it comes barreling towards them at a 90-mile-an-hour clip. I started blogging to thumb my nose at the establishment (no, I am NOT a rebel!). I am not stubborn ( I'm not! I'm not! I'm not), but I do like to say my piece and have it heard. But I'm also VERY sensitive (see paragraph two for mention of curve balls). I try not to take things personally, but I usually end up failing miserably in that endeavor.

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