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Remember pre-Internet days? If not, you’ve probably read about them in your history books by now. In the olden days, people kept journals or diaries and wrote down their thoughts, impressions, hopes, dreams, and ideas. Some of those people became famous. For example, Anne Frank’s diary of her days in hiding makes us all richer for the knowledge.

But even if you never become famous, your experiences and thoughts are important. Sharing is understanding. Especially when you’re educating, counseling, or raising gifted kids; working through your own giftedness; or are somehow touched by giftedness.

Giftedness is such a misunderstood and often feared concept. It’s confused with high achieving, assumed to be elitist, and annotated with a picture of a perfectly coiffed and immaculately dressed child sitting with hands folded and donning a respectful expression. Yeah, right.

That’s why we write about it. To tell the world what’s it’s really like and let others know they’re not alone.

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