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OneWorld Gifted

OneWorld Gifted

Created by Kathleen Casper, parent, foster parent, home school facilitator, gifted education advocate, teacher, administrator and attorney.

OneWorld Gifted exists because giftedness is a universal condition that extends across the globe. In order to best work together as a gifted community we need a place to meet and to share information from all of our multiple countries and schools and homes and to find ways to better advocate for what gifted people need and to share information with the people who we interact with who may not know about gifted issues.

OneWorld Gifted exists because your voice matters and by coming together we can help each other reach out and let the world know us all better. To find ways to connect with other organizations and cultures and to become leaders in the conversations that mean the most to us.

Being gifted means having certain characteristics that sometimes make life more challenging, but also make life wonderful. We should celebrate those characteristics and help others understand them so we can use them to make a difference for our communities. Our intensities, energy, overexciteabilities and passion can ignite the world around us in incredible ways that solve problems, bring diverse people together, and focus projects and networks in ways that others may not imagine are possible.

This blog is here so we can share ideas and respond to things that are said and done regarding giftedness. This blog is here so we can unite and we can inspire each other and be a voice together and a support system as needed.

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OneWorld Gifted

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